Repairing Carpet Burns

repairing carpet burns

We can repair burn in your carpet that are the size of a softball or smaller

There is no better feeling than walking across your new carpet for the first time. That warmth and softness that you just don’t get from other types of flooring can really turn your house into a home.  However it is just as bad as a feeling when you permanently damage your carpet by burning it.  We are experts at repairing carpet burns!

While that carpet will never be the same, there are ways to minimize the damage.  At Super Steamer we use a tool that will cut a perfect circle around the burned area (we can repair areas about the size of a softball).  Then we take a carpet remnant (provided by you) and cut out an identical sized piece of carpet that will match the burned area we cut out. If you do not have a remnant we can cut out the burn and then cut out another area in an inconspicuous area such as behind the door in your closet, or under permanently placed furniture and transplant the burned area there.

Once we have removed the damaged area we will put a special adhesive pad underneath the carpet.  We will then use a special technique to figure out which way the carpet pile is going (important to get a uniform look).  When we have figured out the direction of the pile we will then add a special carpet silicone around the edge of the carpet backing on both the hole, and the new insert.  This will prevent the loss of excess carpet fibers so you won’t notice the seam as much.

Now that the new piece of carpet is in place we will work in the seams to make them less noticeable.  As I mentioned earlier the area will not look perfect but it will no longer be the focal point of your room.  We can use this technique on permanent stains, cigarette burns, cigar burns, hookah burns, iron burns, and carpet burns from other heat sources.

So when it comes to repairing carpet burns, make sure Super Steamer is the first person you contact!

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